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Insightful ideas, actionable suggestions, strategic thinking, Innovation and more with Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia Business School Professor, Thinkers50 Top 10, #1 in Strategy.
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Clive Thompson

Season #1 Episode #30

Clive Thompson's recent book "Coders" takes us into the minds and hearts of the people that are actually creating the digital world we all live in.  From the first piece of code many learned to love - "hello, world"...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Erich Joachimsthaler

Season #1 Episode #29

It's pretty clear that we need a whole new playbook for strategy, and Erich Joachimsthaler has just published a thought-provoking new book on this very topic. While strategy used to be thought of as the property of a...
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Thought Sparks with Rita Mcgrath and Gisbert Rühl

Season #1 Episode #28

Gisbert Rühl, the CEO of German metals distributor Klöckner is one of my corporate heroes.  He and his company have digitized a very old legacy business, changed their business model and created new growth in an...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Jennefer Witter Fireside

Season #1 Episode #27

Jennefer Witter, public relations expert, CEO and one of the “10 most successful black CEOS and entrepreneurs” by Madame Noire Magazine enjoy a spirited conversation in this #FridayFiresideChat​.   She describes her...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Joanne Wilson

Season #1 Episode #26

The original Gotham Girl herself, Joanne Wilson, and I get into a great conversation!  You can listen in while we talk about her varied interests, how NYC will come back, the insanity that has been venture capital in...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Linda Hill

Season #1 Episode #25

Globally recognized leadership scholar Linda Hill is the author of well regarded business books "Being the Boss" and "Collective Genius." She's been interviewing leaders about how they are navigating the COVID-19...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Shellye Archambeau

Season #1 Episode #24

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we have to be thoughtful about our next career moves, what kinds of support we'll need to take our next step and what being ambitious - especially for women - really means. Join me and...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Sally Helgesen

Season #1 Episode #23

MOSTRA MENOIn this #fridayfiresidechat​ @Sally Helgesen recounts aspects of @Francis Hesselbein's leadership style.  Showing junior people how to handle a tricky call from the @NewYorkTimes, trusting associates to...
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Thought Sparks with RitaMcGrath & Roger Martin

Season #1 Episode #22

Roger Martin, one of the world’s most highly acclaimed thinkers, is an unsurpassed master at navigating intellectual polarities. His new book, “When More Is Not Better” explains how our systems designed to drive...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Peter Georgescu

Season #1 Episode #22

"America," said Peter Georgescu, "is the star of my life's story."  And, worried that his grandchildren may not have that America, in which "I became the best Peter Georgescu I could be," he has written a fiery...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Paul LeBlanc

Season #1 Episode #21

A visionary leader from a rather surprising place, Paul LeBlanc has presided over the dramatic transformation of Southern New Hampshire University and shown many skeptics that it is possible to reinvent our...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath and Patty McCord

Season #1 Episode #20

TED phenomenon and author of the book "Powerful," Patty McCord, the founding talent leader at Netflix, will be joining me for a Friday fireside chat. We'll talk about why so many things we believe about HR are just...
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