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Insightful ideas, actionable suggestions, strategic thinking, Innovation and more with Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia Business School Professor, Thinkers50 Top 10, #1 in Strategy.
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Marcus Eriksen

Season #2 Episode #32

Marcus Eriksen made a huge impression on me when I first met him. He is an environmental scientist, educator and author as part of his day job. On the side, he's built rafts out of junk, floated down the Mississippi...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Ron Adner

Season #2 Episode #30

Ron Adner and I have been intellectual sparring partners and friends for a very long time. He's just come out with a terrific new book, "Winning the Right Game" which tackles head on the strategic challenge executives...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Liz Wiseman

Season #2 Episode #26

Are you a regular contributor or what Liz Wiseman calls an "impact player?" You might think you're doing just fine, doodling along doing your job, but what you might actually be doing is adding to people's burdens at...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Robert Livingston

Season #2 Episode #28

I promised Harvard Professor and expert on equality and inclusion Robert Livingston that I would read his book "The Conversation" before he joined me for a Friday Fireside Chat. I did, and am ever so glad. He takes us...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Ray Wang

Season #2 Episode #27

Everybody Wants To Rule the World. When R "Ray" Wang says it, he isn't just channeling a popular musical line, he really means it. In his view, digital giants are pulling further and further ahead of the rest of us...
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Thought Sparks Rita McGrath & Jennifer Moss

Season #2 Episode #26

If you could pick someone to lead you through an intelligent conversation about the new world of work, you couldn't do better than to consult with Jennifer Moss. Author of the forthcoming HBR Press book "The Burnout...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Peter Cappelli

Season #2 Episode #25

Work - what's work anyway? Where does it get done? How are people supposed to "manage" it? These are questions of the hour and who better to think them through than my colleague, former professor and mentor Peter...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & John Hagel

Season #2 Episode #23

My Friday Fireside chat guest, John Hagel, was looking around corners before I even stumbled across the concept.  In this short clip from our longer conversation, John explains how, in the early days of the Internet,...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Jonathan Brill

Season #2 Episode #22

We think of unusual events as rare - but as my Friday Fireside Chat guest, Jonathan Brill, points out, they may be rare individually, but when they accumulate, the chance of their creating a catastrophic inflection...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Zachary Karabell

Season #2 Episode #19

I first met Zachary Karabell when he was enrolled in my Columbia Executive Education program "Leading Strategic Growth and Change" and he made a big impression on me all those years ago. I'm delighted to catch up with...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Robert Siegel

Season #2 Episode #18

All digital, all the time - that's what we hear among the chattering business classes.  My guest begs to differ.  Instead, Robert E. Siegel points out, the competitors who will triumph combine both "Brains" (digital,...
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Thought Sparks with Rita McGrath & Jayshree Seth

Season #2 Episode #17

Jayshree Seth, Ph.D., is a corporate scientist and chief science advocate for 3M Company, where she has worked for over 27 years to advance science and develop new technologies and environmentally sustainable...
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